School Tours at Uppåkra

Welcome to experience the exciting history of Uppåkra! Discover Scandinavia’s largest Iron Age settlement with the richest archaeological remains by visiting us – a place with that for more than 1000 years served as a commercial, political and religious center of power. If you prefer to stay in the classroom we are happy to visit and tell about Iron Age Uppåkra.

Fully booked Spring 2019
Available times:
September: Thursdays at 9 AM
October: Thursdays at 9 or 10 AM


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Tour of Uppåkra (Years 2-10, college high school; 50 minutes)

We present Uppåkra and the Iron Age and the people who lived here – how they fed themselves, their religion and the wares that they used for trade. The pupils will even see discoveries unearthed at Uppåkra. (Excavations usually take during the month of September).


Uppåkra in the classroom (Years 1-10; college high school; 55 minutes)

If you don’t have the possibility to visit Uppåkra, then we can come to you and present Iron Age Uppåkra in the classroom. Pupils will even be able to examine remains unearthed at Uppåkra.