Step straight into the Iron Age at Uppåkra! Join one of the archaeologists at Uppåkrastiftelsen on the excavation of the Hall on the hill and see the latest finds of what has been forgotten for over a thousand years.

For groups:
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For security reasons is the maximum number of participants 30 on this tour. We will try to find a solution if your group exceeds the maximum number of participants. For questions contact

The guided tour is 60 minutes.

We try to accommodate all our visitors through a number of accessibility accommodations. For ease of access to the main building, café and toilets we have both wheel chair ramps and an elevator. We have handicap toilets and a changing table. Kids chairs are available.

The Hall on the hill guided tour is held inside an archaeological excavation area with gravel paths. Inside the tent there are seating arrangements.

The guide can use speakers during the tour to accommodate people with reduced hearing.

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